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 I used to hula hoop with a large 2 lb weighted hoop. It gave me really bad bruises and was difficult to incorporate into a consistent routine. However, with the HoopFit, I can get a good quality full-body workout without the bruises and unnecessary pain. After a consistent routine of a few weeks, I can already seen my abs toning in nicely. I can't wait to show my boyfriend the progress!

At first, I didn't believe my girlfriend when she said that this was a great workout tool for men too. But, after about 30 minutes of using the HoopFit, I could already tell that my core and leg muscles are sore and are going through a brutal workout. This is a fitness lifesaver for me since I work at home and it is hard to squeeze in a workout at the gym. I didn't believe my girlfriend when she said that this is a great workout tool for both men and women.

After realizing that running was just too much for my knees, I decided to get this. After working out for the recommended 30 minutes, I could barely stand, but I was so proud of myself for doing it. The HoopFit is definitely something that I can do at home while I'm watching TV and when I don't want to go to gym after work and feel guilty not going.

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